9 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn has morphed itself from a professional networking platform to a full-fledged world force. Ever since the beginning, the B2B marketers are looking to crack the code for ultimate success. With millions of professionals in one place, there are a few ways to open the floodgates for immense success.

Simple and conventional LinkedIn advice says- Join, be active, and get leads. The question is – how do you actually drive leads? 

You might occasionally receive some falling leads, but in order to make a win, you need to do your prospecting in LinkedIn style. So, how do you figure out the qualified people to do business amongst the gaggle of job seekers?

In this blog, we will cover 9 LinkedIn lead generation strategies for your B2B business model. 

9 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for your Business

LinkedIn makes up about 97% of a business’s social media leads

Start with optimizing your Profile

As a social professional platform, LinkedIn expects the business to fabricate their profiles exclusively for higher engagement.

  • Optimize the headlines with a clear & friendly tone along with a relevant title summarizing overall about the company. 
  • Include a high-resolution background image and a profile picture.
  • Make descriptions strong and catchy.
  • Your 2000-word “About” section highlights the details of the business to make it easily discovered by the right audience.
  • Take advantage of the LinkedIn “Featured” section to showcase projects or publications. 
  • Show social proof by requesting colleagues to write authentic recommendations.

Define Your Target Audience Accurately

LinkedIn users are tired of continuous “spammy and promotional” content. Therefore, you need to define your target audience. 

  • Spot relevant decision-makers and contacts with the help of the native LinkedIn Search functionality. 
  • Click on the “People” tab of the company page and explore the list to connect with people with relevant titles.
  • Connect with people having shared connections. 

Don’t be a Nutjobber about LinkedIn Outreach

Stepping up your game in LinkedIn connections and lead generations is your goal. You want more customers. But your unchanneled desire can lead to an uncertain phenomenon of spamming LinkedIn. And, as a result, you might get ignored by respective connections!

However, this does not mean to immediately stop outreach. Instead of sending them a cold pitch, you may start with a simple conversation, engage in a conversational post or share relevant content to get their attention.

Be aware, you do not want to be labeled as a spammer in the field by getting too aggressive with your outreaching strategy.

Increase Profiles Visibility by Engaging

LinkedIn is a two-way bridge for businesses and leads. In order to have an increased number of connections and be on the rise, be an active participant on the platform. 

  • Regular posting of content 
  • Posting Comments
  • Reacting to posts

You do not have to write a 500-word essay to stay active on LinkedIn. Instead, you can merely congratulate people and wish them on their special days to be active.

Funnel Followers to Landing Pages for Lead Conversion

LinkedIn is nowhere like Facebook, with a limitation to the “number of posts” reach. In fact, you can level up by promoting your lead magnets, webinars, blog posts, etc. However, don’t try to make a hard sell- aim to stay educational first.

Also, video is a priority in LinkedIn’s algorithm- it is the most shared form of content on social media platforms. 

Run LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad

About 65% of businesses are already into LinkedIn paid promotions. And the sole aim is to generate leads. Target specific professionals based on your respective parameters. These ads run around lead magnets and downloadable reports. With no surprise, video is the most popular ad type on LinkedIn for generating leads. 

Besides creating organic ads on LinkedIn, you can step up by creating personas based on leads conversions. Further, this makes the ad campaigns on LinkedIn worthwhile for your business. 

Take part in LinkedIn Group Discussions

Gaining more connections implies you are an active participant in LinkedIn, not an empty suit. LinkedIn groups are the best place to connect with others and attract new and relevant connections. Interacting in private groups, you allow yourself to influence in respective niche communities teaching a thing or a two.

Side Note: Review LinkedIn Group rules to share content before sharing site or service. 

Get a Boost From Your Colleagues and Coworkers

The upside of LinkedIn is that you can get an immediate increase in content reach with the help of your friends. This is beneficial when others from your company are assisting you with the same.

Boost the content of your colleagues and coworkers via Employee Advocacy. The support from colleagues and coworkers ensures a win-win situation for the marketers to grow on LinkedIn.

Recognize the High Performing Content

Digging into your past data to devise the perfect marketing approach in the future is the best way to increase LinkedIn connections and generate more leads. Assess your previous LinkedIn performance and efforts put into generating leads. 

Figure out the kind and certain posts that are most liked by the users. Which post gained a lot of reactions or engagement? What piece of content received the most clicks for landing pages? 

Look no further than the numbers on the LinkedIn analytics page. Whether you are solo or on the behalf of the company on LinkedIn, there are platforms like MarketBeam to assist you with a detailed analysis of your content. 

To Wrap it Up

LinkedIn is certainly experiencing a boom in B2B sales traction, making the platform uniquely filtered for generating leads. Remember, engaging is the key to cracking the code for LinkedIn leads. 

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