Top 2022 Trends for B2B marketing

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

In the past few months, we have seen a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, and how businesses respond to this behavioral change. When you sit back and try to reposition your B2B marketing plan, you see a lot of strategies focused on online and social media. 

Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest B2B trends that can revolutionalize the industry in 2022.

Social Media Channels Stay the Crucial Campaign Drivers

Post Pandemic led to the continuous shift from in-person events to online marketing for driving business. Companies are finding newer ways to connect with their customers or drive leads via social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Recent research says that optimizing the new pattern of search (involving images and videos) brings can empower brands to bring more traffic, spread awareness, convert and engage the target audience. Even more so, the AI and marketing chatbots are helping B2B marketers to uplift their social presence. 

In addition to this, LinkedIn enables sales enablement and accounts for over half of B2B social traffic – 80% leads. The diverse range of features in LinkedIn enables businesses to take on different routes to achieve their marketing milestones. The availability of real-time analytics on the platform allows them to not only display the metrics on the campaigns running but also improve their existing strategy.

Paradigm Shift from Sales to Marketing

Businesses incorporate two exclusively operating sectors namely Sales and Marketing. The business experiences better revenue with the combined efforts of both. However, this does not necessarily mean that “sales should take the driver seat for boosting revenue”. 

In fact, marketing alone is capable of supporting sales and excelling at B2B marketing strategies. To add more to the concept, it has been noted that marketing as a lead, both of them have streamlined marketing strategies.

Future of Influence

B2B is quite quick in adapting influencer marketing, where companies thrive to leverage the wide network of industry influencers to increase their brand presence, boost engagement and drive social growth. 

Another trending concept, employee advocacy, has been a bellwether for the last few years and will continue to stand out in 2022. It focuses on using employees’ social accounts to establish more trust in the audience compared to the brand’s shared content. The posts from the employees not only amplify the engagements but also help to nurture leads and grow social traffic organically. 

Humanized Brand Content

People trust people. Therefore, it is necessary to humanize brand content. Any piece of content appearing too technical will not be appreciated by the reader. It does not only mean performing audience research or adopting a conversational tone while writing any piece of content. 

Marketers need to forget the power of storytelling and how it has been moving people and their emotions for eons. However, the stories should be written for the sake of writing them, but they should be loaded with empathy to connect with the readers.

Repurposing Content for Marketing

The use of high-quality content is incomplete without the implementation of repurposing content. This does not even mean that the content should get more views and engagements from the readers. In fact, marketers understand that different audiences rely on different platforms. Therefore, the content can be repurposed and recreated for various platforms to outreach to a wider audience. 

It can be rolling up on blogs into eBooks, or working on infographics, or creating videos, or social media posts with the same piece of content. In order to figure out the right content format for your business, study the analysis on each post and learn about its engagement on every post. Even though a post is receiving low traffic but having a better engagement, it is a good post. 

Blogging is the best way to keep customers

Consumers are more eager to learn about services or brands. They focus more on educating themselves about the goods or services they are to receive. Nothing can be more informative than a bunch of blogs- either on your website or related to your product. 

The nature (algorithm) for SEO has changed over two decades. Now, you do not have to choose between writing compelling content or a piece of content with keywords to rank better on the search engine results page (SERPs). The best is to work on high-quality original content. 

Before entering the world of keywords and SEO blogs, marketers perform high-end research on the relevant and high-ranking keywords. Make sure that the keywords are right, and match the intent of the users online. 

Account-based Marketing

ABM strategy is the new normal for establishing interconnectedness for sales and marketing teams making it ideal for small businesses. Compared to other marketing strategies, Account-based Marketing brings 97% higher ROI. Practitioners experienced aligned sales and marketing and induce optimum utilization of resources.

AI in Marketing

AI has made its place in almost all businesses and prospects as it can address customers’ needs effectively. After the introduction of the chatbox to aid customers, marketers are integrating programs with advertisements and campaigns. The ad buying techniques approach connects publishers and advertisers with more accuracy, relativity, and efficiency. Although, the information gathered from AI tools made relating to content marketing a little challenging. Leveraging machine learning, brands improvise SEO experts.

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