MarketBeam Announces ChatGPT-4 Integration into Its All-in-one Social Media Management Platform

LOS ALTOS, CA, USA, August 7, 2023/ — MarketBeam, an exciting and rapidly emerging startup in the digital marketing landscape, is defying timelines and expectations. The company proudly announces the successful integration of the cutting-edge AI model, ChatGPT-4, into its all-in-one social media publishing, amplification and analytics platform.

With this revolutionary integration, MarketBeam continues to reaffirm its commitment to innovation and excellence. This leap forward promises to radically transform social media strategies, content creation, and customer engagement for its users, providing unparalleled competitive advantages.

“AI-enabled content creation is here, and it’s changing the way businesses communicate,” said Pushpa Ithal, CEO of MarketBeam.

“MarketBeam’s seamless UI blends content creation, publishing, and employee amplification into a single, intuitive workflow, reshaping the way marketers engage with their audience.

Prompt engineering considers critical inputs like the role of the publisher, target audience, and individual social media parameters such as the number of characters allowed, which can differ for various social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Moreover, our prompt engineering continuously learns and adapts over time based on individual audience engagement, providing inputs that yield the best results for our customers.”

Kesava Narasimhan, CTO of MarketBeam, said “ChatGPT excels in creating meaningful content when it is supplied with the right context, and that’s exactly what we supply by leveraging the rich analytics data from MarketBeam’s own AI engine. Our customers are beyond excited to scale their content creation and remove human errors with this integration”.

MarketBeam’s platform, now powered by the leading-edge AI technology of ChatGPT-4, opens up a new world of possibilities for marketers. This integration makes it possible to generate diverse, authentic, and highly engaging content at scale, opening up new avenues of connection and engagement with audiences. Marketing agencies can now scale content creation, keeping brand voice consistent for their clients.

About MarketBeam: MarketBeam, headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, is a leading provider of advanced social media publishing tools, dedicated to delivering solutions that empower businesses to reach new heights in their digital marketing strategies. Their commitment to continuous innovation has made them a trusted partner for marketing VPs and marketing agencies worldwide.

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