Leverage employee advocacy for amplification and social selling

AI-Driven Social Amplification

Did you know that the vast majority of companies are only engaging 10% of the audience they should be reached via social media? In other words, a typical social media post that reaches 10,000 people could actually reach 100,000 people when done correctly.

MarketBeam is the only AI-driven social automation platform that allows colleagues and executives to become brand ambassadors while allowing the administration to have complete control over the content and messaging.

Social Media marketing can be very frustrating. There is no end to it. You never feel you have done enough. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – that’s MarketBeam!”

Abhinav Dhiman,



Social Selling

Enable lead nurturing by sharing relevant content with prospects, thus amplifying lead pipeline and conversions.  Ensure a continuous flow of quality content to educate your prospects. 

Team Management

Upload users in bulk & monitor social media activity on a collective or an individual level. Invite and re-invite people in large numbers all in a single click. Track traffic and engagement driven by accounts.

Social Post Personalization

Employees can add a personal touch to approved content and tag people when sharing content. MarketBeam helps ensure sharing of compliant content only. 

Curate Employee-Sourced Content

Employees can easily recommend curated content to the marketing team after which, it is instantly converted into social media-ready posts once it receives approval.


Instantly publish content to integrated social channels. Increase brand reach and content life span while cutting down publishing time by 90%.


Measure Earned Media Value and get actionable insights derived from analytical data. Get all your social media marketing analytics in the integrated dashboard.

Employee Advocacy


Track the source and medium of your leads and attribute each lead accordingly. MarketBeam tracks every click generated by all social media posts and maps it to the individual employee that generated it.

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